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At Noya, we utilize the beautiful Nordic Produce, savoring the peak flavor of ingredients. We adhere to the fundamentals of Japanese Cooking: respecting the ingredients and their natural flavors, cooking in the moment— and not doing too much. We do believe less is more. The Nordics and Japan, the best from worlds, Nordic Produce, and food traditions, utilizing Japanese techniques and flavorings.

We share a common goal to serve guests with the utmost hospitality, to prepare and deliver the highest-quality food and to create an experience that guests will want to enjoy again and again.

Last but certainly not least, we want to create an employee and guest experience that far transcends the typical restaurant world scenario.

Welcome to Noya!

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Opening Hours
  • Mon & Wed

    17 pm – 23 pm

  • Thur & Fri

    17 pm – 02 am

  • Saturday

    14 pm – 02 am

  • Sun

    14 pm – 23 pm

Our Location

Rotermanni 18/2 Tallinn, Estonia [wpgmza id="1"]