Monday – : Closed • Tuesday- Wednesday: 11.00-23.00(15-17 limited menu) • Thursday-Friday: 11.00-02.00(15-17 limited menu) • Saturday 14:00 -02:00 • Sunday: 14.00-23.00



Monday – Closed • Tuesday- Wednesday: 11.00-23.00(15-17 only barsnack) • Thursday-Friday: 11.00-02.00(15-17 only barsnack) • Saturday 14:00 -02:00 • Sunday: 14.00-23.00



Monday – : Closed • Tuesday- Wednesday: 11.00-23.00(15-17 only barsnack) • Thursday-Friday: 11.00-02.00(15-17 only barsnack) • Saturday 14:00 -02:00 • Sunday: 14.00-23.00



Monday – : Closed • Tuesday-Wednesday: 11.00-23.00(15-18 only barsnack) • Thursday-Friday: 11.00-02.00(15-18 only barsnack) • Saturday 14:00 -02:00 • Sunday: 14.00-23.00


At NOYA, we utilize the beautiful Nordic Produce, savouring the peak flavor of ingredients. We adhere to the fundamentals of Japanese Cooking: respecting the ingredients and their natural flavors, cooking in the moment – and not doing too much. We do believe less is more. The Nordics and Japan, the best from both worlds, Nordic Produce and food traditions, utilizing Japanese techniques and flavourings. WELCOME TO NOYA


We are introducing a brand new outside dining concept in Estonia, the Nordic terrace, where we have imported custom made heating table, where the heat source is in the leg, thereby making our guest feel warm, even tough its cold outside, furthermore, we are building the terrace in such a way, that we keep wind and rain away, Making the outside feel as the inside. Our restaurant interior design, has been done by the famous architect Einar Salomonsen , and his company Iplan, currently sporting 700 restaurants from his design. The restaurant has an open kitchen where you can see and interact with the chef, and we are also introducing a one of a kind Robata grill in the whole of Estonia, food cooked over real fire, at 600-800 degrees Celsius. Since we are a Nordic Japanese restaurant, our pride dishes will also be Sushi from our sushi chefs, that have previous experience from Norway, Denmark and London, at Sabi Sushi, Alex Sushi, The Market in Denmark, and Roka and Zuma London. The sushi will be made in it’s own sushi bar, that is open for the guest, both for viewing and interacting. The guest can sit down, and see how the sushi is made, and enjoy the process. Almost like a food theatre. At Noya, we have two private Tatami rooms.(chambre Separe)

The Secret Tatami Room. Here you can sit in “almost” complete peace and take in the Noya Experience.Ideal for group of 8-12, you can book this room for a private dinner, corporate meeting, friends dinner, celebration, or you just want some privacy.Food and wine Courses, we can make that happen here.

We currently do the following courses:        

Wine    Introduction to how to taste wine

The different grape, and how they taste

Burgundy – Why is this region the most expensive in the world.

Riesling, New World, Chardonnay, around the globe.

Tastings : Sake an Introduction to Sake – Aquavit The real stuff from Norway. Whiskey        Japan, Ireland, Scotland

Or all of the above

Food Courses 

Wine and food, where 1+1=3

Sushi Courses, like to learn how to make sushi,

How to handle and slaughter fish?    

Tatami Social Dining Room. 

We are also introducing a complete new concept in Estonia, Shabu Shabu(hotpot), and Yakiniku( Grilled meat) A concept where you grill or Cook your own food over a “bincho” grill or in a Hotpot of broth or Soya.

We will prepare, cut and make it ready for your group, so you can start creating food magic yourself, we will give you clear instructions and recommendations on how to best enjoy.

Suits groups from 8-16 people.

Let us know, and we will together make a memorable evening together.

The Lounge by Noya

We also have a large open three faced bar in the restaurants, where you can order wine, and bubbles by the glass. Our Bar Area, has a high level cocktail menu, where we will introduce different Nordic and Japanese products and also cocktail and food pairing.We offer also more than 20+ Gin. For seating in our Danish Lounge, please book at


General Manager


Rotermanni 18/2, Tallinn, Estland

Monday-Tuesday: Closed • Wednesday: 11.00-23.00 • Thursday-Saturday: 11.00-02.00 • Sunday: 12.00-23.00




Noya is the idea of creating a Restaurant where you experience the best of Nordic Produce utilizing the best of Japanese technique and flavours.

Noya is the child of Njål G. Solland(founder and Creator of Sabi Omakase, One star Michelin in Norway), and also founder of the the largest sushi chain in Norway, Sabi Sushi), and Claus Skovsted, multi gastro entrepreneur and founder of BarSushi, Franck A, and Goma, ++  in Denmark.

They met back in 2010, and then started a fruitful cooperation that now finally has led to their joint project NOYA. All what they have learned through their career and 30+ restaurants, is a shared belief that guest do not come to restaurants to get full, they come for the experience.

Noya is what we always have wanted to create and and the kind of restaurant experecience we both would like to eat at.

Both being passionate about food, and they both wanted to share their passion and love for Japanese food, but bringing forward and utilizing Nordic seasonal ingredients and culture.

Hating the “good enough” mentality that so often is common in the restaurant business, and life generally, and loving Japanese cuisine themselves they saw that there was room for a new Innovative Japanese concept in the Nordics, and the World.

The Guiding principle was, and still is…. We do not sell food, we share an experience together with our guest.

They both fell in love with Japanese cuisine and Culture

Claus started his first Sushibar back in 2000, which has now evolved to a chain of Sushi Bars and restaurants.

Njål established Sabi in 2011, and there were over 21 restaurants in the group, 2 in Michelin guide, and one with a star in the Michelin Guide,  and currently the biggest sushi Chain in Norway, both in revenue and profit.

NoYa stands for Nordic Japanese, The Nordics and Japan, have a common heritage and approach to cooking and living. Both have a long coastline with beautiful produce. Our approach to food is to let the produce shine, we try to simplify.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

We belive that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

We believe that the hardest and most difficult thing you can do is precisely that, making simple food, that taste GREAT, at some point, food is not a matter of skill; it’s a matter of understanding, of learning to see the differences between one perfectly good pot of rice and another, of the minute details in something that, for most anyone else, its pure a white pot of rice. 

Truly great cooking is, in this way, first an act of learning to see, and then a striving to do.

This is why, among chefs, the truism is that simple food is hard.

We make simple happen!